pattern imprinted

Pattern Imprinted and Stamped
Concrete Driveways

(PIC) Pattern Imprinted Concrete driveways are available in a huge number of design and colour combinations, and will suit any size of project whether Domestic, Commercial or Industrial. Our imprinted concrete driveways can be cost effective, low maintenance and long lasting. In order to do this we correctly prepare the sub base and ensure there is adequate drainage, then we commence placement of the wet concrete before applying a colour hardner and the textured imprinted mats to achieve the desired design. Finally followed a few weeks later with a protective sealer. We have colour charts and pattern brochures to help all our customers choose their very own personalised design.

Stencil Concrete Driveway

Concrete Driveways

Stencil is similar to pattern imprinted concrete however, a concrete substrate is prepared and a paper stencil of the chosen pattern is laid over the still wet surface before a colour-hardener is applied. The stencil is peeled away once the surface has dried, leaving an imprint of the pattern with the colour on the non-masked areas. left for several days it can then be sealed. Again this can be a cost effective, low maintenance and long lasting driveway and paving solution. Compared with Pattern imprinted concrete, stencil differs in that the elevations are noticeable on the surface.

Plain Concrete

Concrete Driveways

Sometimes all you require is a more simplistic design but offers all the same benefits as a concrete driveway, low maintenance, durable and cost effective. We can simply leave the concrete with its natural pigment and simply brush the surface to create a non slip surface, or we can add a colour harder to the concrete for extra appeal. A variety of different techniques can be implemented to create a simpler yet great look.